About me

New media consultant
John Wilpers Consulting; Marshfield, MA
617.688.0137; johnwilpers@aol.com

John has been helping media companies merge the old and new since 1996 when he helped launch AOL’s Digital City Boston. He partnered with print, television, and radio companies as well as AOL members to create a user experience rivaling NYC and LA for traffic.

Recently, John has been consulting with a variety of news media organizations, including the LA Times, The Christian Science Monitor, GlobalPost.com, and The Miami Herald, helping them increase their reach, relevance and revenue by integrating high-quality local blogs in their print and online products.

At the recently shuttered BostonNOW free daily, John pioneered the inclusion of local bloggers throughout the paper’s website and in the theme-appropriate pages of the newspaper.

John has also launched more free dailies than any U.S. editor — BostonNOW, Washington Examiner, Boston Metro.

John’s other passions include surfing, a self-esteem building soccer program for 300 girls he founded in 1996 (hotshotssoccer.org), photography (http://theunnoticedcity.blogspot.com/) and his 14-year run as “Mother Ginger” in the JMBT “Nutcracker” in Boston.

CONTACT INFORMATION: johnwilpers@aol.com; 617-688-0137 (cell)

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